Help with urgent Sinabung relief

The Sinabung Relief Fund is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization, dedicated to helping families in villages affected by the ongoing eruption of the Sinabung volcano in North Sumatra.
We have started a collection to help the many thousands of people who have a severely reduced income due to the volcanic eruption. They cannot afford the costs of maintaining their houses, or buying school books, dust protection masks and other basic necessities.
We have also bought plots of land to use for growing coffeee, cocoa and vegetables. These plots of land can be used freely, but not resold, or used for growing palm oil. If the land is not used and maintained by a family anymore, it will be allocated to a different family.


Farming is the major source of income for most families in the villages surrounding Sinabung volcano. Since the eruption started in 2013, crops are ruined on a daily basis, and the livelihood of most people in a radius of 10 km from the volcano is severely reduced.

Right now, roof replacement is one of the most pressing issues. The constantly falling volcanic ashes are highly corrosive, and most metal roofs develop holes after exposure to the ashes.

After collecting enough money, we will set up an interest free loan scheme. Farmers who are not affected by ash anymore will be able to borrow money for ploughing and for buying seedlings to replant empty fields. Repayment of the loans will typically be after harvest and sale of the produce. Depending on the type of produce, this can be after 5 to 10 months.
View the result of one of the funds loans


Donations are collected at our paypal account with the name "Sinabung Relief Fund".

We will not list your name or any other personal information, unless you ask us to. But we will personally send you mail with information about how we used the money you donated.

Complete details of collected donations (date and amount donated), and use of funds, will be published on this website (

Any amount, large or small, will help us help villagers who do not receive help from the Indonesian government, and have not been relocated.
Unlike other donation sites, 100% of the money collected will be used directly to help villagers in the affected areas. All administration costs are covered by us.

All donations are received with gratitude, and if you wish, we will list your name on our donor list.


We are currently looking for help with the auditing and legal issues related to running a non-profit fundraising organization. If you would like to help us, please send us a message using the contact form on this website.


Other ways to help

We would like to ask for your help, promoting the collection, just by liking videos and maybe posting about it on facebook or other media you have access to.

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The more people click the like buttons (heart button on Vimeo, thumb up on Youtube), the more the video will be seen, which helps a lot.

Thank you again for your help.

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