Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupts in North Sumatra, Indonesia

In the early morning in North Sumatra, Indonesia today, The Mount Sinabung Volcano finally erupted after 400 years. Known as Gunung Sinabung among Indonesians, the volcano forced over 18,000 people from 14 different villages to evacuate the area. Upon the eruption, Ash was seen spewing into the sky, up to 1 mile high and lava was flowing from the center of the crater at a relatively quick pace. Mount Sinabung is situated in the Karo Plateau, and has been considered an inactive volcano since the 1600s. Reportedly, there has only been 1 fatality from the incident. It was an elderly person who developed respiratory failure while fleeing the scene. Luckily no one else has been harmed, and no hazardous gas has been found to be coming from the volcano. Masks have been provided to 7,000 refugees by the Indonesian government, who has also set up kitchens so people can have food. “The situation is under control. Emergency response teams are already on the scene,” said Priyadi Kardono of the National Disaster Management Agency. The country of Indonesia is known for many volcanos. They are the largest chain of islands that have formed tectonically in the whole world.

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